Live Baccarat

When playing live online baccarat, you can choose between 10 to 100; 30 to 300; 50 to 500 betting limit tables.

Baccarat instructions

The object of baccarat is to correctly predict whose hand will be closer or equal to a total of nine: the Banker's or the Player's. Each card in baccarat is assigned a value and the sum of the two-card hand is the total. The values of each card are as follows:

  • All face cards and 10s have no value
  • Cards less than 10 are counted at face value
  • Aces are worth one
  • Only single digit values are valid. Any count that reaches a double digit drops the left digit

If the hand total of both the Player and the Banker is less than or equal to five a third card is drawn. You can also bet on the two hands having the same value, known as a tie. For a standard win the payout is one to one, whereas the payout for a tie is eight to one.

Play Baccarat on your Mobile Device

The beauty of modern technology is the ease that comes with it. Play live baccarat or other popular live games like blackjack and roulette while you're on the go or relaxing at home. The mobile app makes everything a lot easier to navigate.

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