Live Roulette

When playing live roulette online you have the option to take a seat at a 0.5 to 10; 1 to 25; 2 to 50; 5 to 100 or 10 to 200 betting-limit table.

How to play roulette

Roulette is played at a table featuring a slotted wheel and a betting area printed with numbers 0 to 36. You are able to place numerous bets on the table, betting on different outcomes.

You place bets by using uniquely coloured chips to distinguish you from the other players. Once all bets have been placed by participating players, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel one direction and spin a ball in the opposite direction. The wheel and ball gradually decelerate until the ball settles in one of the slots in the roulette wheel. The corresponding number on the table is the winning bet.

With Live Casino roulette, there is always a seat waiting for you.

Once the tables have been filled, new tables will auto-generate to accommodate any new players. You will then be able to select the live, real-time feed from your favourite croupier through Live Casino.

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